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Coming Soon: Play, Look and Listen on Your TV: Play, Look and Listen for Boxee

posted Jan 21, 2011, 10:07 PM by Paul Barnett
Have you ever wanted to watch your podcasts on your TV and control them with a remote control?  Soon you will be able to.  Play, Look and Listen is coming to Boxee (  What is Boxee?  It's an application for your computer that allows you to watch TV/movies/videos, listen to music and use applications that are specially designed for use with a remote control.  If you prefer to hook your computer to your TV, you can download the Boxee software for free from  Boxee software is available for multiple platforms including Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.  If you prefer not to connect your computer to your TV, you can purchase a Boxee Box from many retailers such as  

A free version of Play, Look and Listen will soon be available in the Boxee app library (accessible from the "Apps" button on the main Boxee screen).  This version works with all other versions of Play, Look and Listen meaning you can play part of a podcast using Boxee, hit Pause and resume the podcast on any other device that supports Play, Look and Listen (Android devices, iOS devices including iPhone/iPod Touch, iPad, computers running Mac OS X, Windows or Linux, Google Chrome notebooks or any web browser).

Since Boxee is primarily designed for media playback using a remote control, Play Look and Listen for Boxee will not allow you to perform all of the same functions as you can on other platforms.  It is primarily intended to allow you to browse and play your audio and video podcasts and save bookmarks.  In addition to the aforementioned bookmark support, you can also perform 30-and 15-second skips to advance in video, as well as 7- and 15-second replays using your remote control.  We are considering adding additional features to the Boxee version depending on user feedback.  Let us know what you'd like to see by sending us email at