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Now Available: Play, Look and Listen for Boxee

posted Mar 4, 2011, 8:41 PM by Paul Barnett
Play, Look and Listen for Boxee ( is now available.  This free version of Play, Look and Listen allows you to watch and listen to your podcasts on your Mac, Linux or Windows PC via the Boxee application.  Boxee is a free application that acts as a media hub -- you can watch TV, movies, DVDs and use specially designed applications (including Play, Look and Listen!) with a mouse, keyboard or remote control, allowing you to connect your PC to your TV, sit back on your couch and enjoy your podcasts.  As with all versions of Play, Look and Listen, if you don't finish enjoying the complete episode in one sitting, a bookmark will automatically be created that roams with you to other devices.  For example, if you watch part of a podcast using Boxee and hit 'pause' on your remote, you can later pick up exactly where you left off on your mobile device, tablet, desktop or within Boxee.  Similarly, if you watched part of a podcast on your mobile device, you can finish watching it via Boxee.  Please note that the Boxee version of Play, Look and Listen only allows playback of podcasts.  Subscriptions can be managed in all other versions of the applications or via the Google Reader web site.  Also note that at this time, only desktop versions of Boxee (for Mac, Windows and Linux) are supported.  Support for the Boxee Box is under development.

To use Play, Look and Listen on Boxee, install the Boxee application from then select "Apps" from the main screen.  Search for "Play, Look and Listen" (typing "Play" is sufficient) and upon selecting it from the list of applications you will be able to start the application, add it to your personal app library or add a shortcut to the Boxee menu.