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Play, Look and Listen for Mac OS X, Windows, Google Chrome/Chrome OS and the Web Now Available

posted Jan 7, 2011, 1:57 PM by Paul Barnett   [ updated Jan 7, 2011, 2:21 PM ]
Play, Look and Listen is now available for Mac OS X, Windows and any web browser.  Best of all, these versions are completely free and work with the existing versions of Play, Look and Listen for Android, iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad.  You can do things like:

  • Watch part of an episode on your iPod while at work and watch it on your Mac or PC at home
  • Access Play, Look and Listen from anywhere in your web browser and add items to your download queue to make them download automatically when you sign in to Play, Look and Listen on your Android or iOS device.
  • Add a new podcast subscription on your Mac or PC and watch episodes from the subscription in a web browser or on your portable device.

To get started with the Mac OS X, Windows and Web versions, go to  On this page, you'll see 3 main links which you can use to

  • Try out Play, Look and Listen without needing a Google account or existing podcasts
  • Sign in to the web-based version of Play, Look and Listen with your existing Google account (note: the web-based version does not allow you to add podcast subscriptions so you'll need to use one of the other versions prior to using your Google account in the web-based version)
  • Access the download for the Mac OS X and Windows versions.  Clicking this link will prompt you to install Silverlight on your Mac or PC if you don't already have it and then prompt you to install Play, Look and Listen.  Silverlight is a free download similar Flash.  

To get started with the Google Chrome / Chrome OS version, visit the Chrome Web Store here and click the "Install" button.

Web-only Users please note:  Play, Look and Listen for the web is best viewed with Google Chrome or Apple's Safari web browser.  It will work on any browser but you may experience issues such as the inability to scroll the subscription list on other browsers.

Mac OS X users please note: There is an issue with Silverlight on the Mac that will cause the application to not launch properly on the first use.  Instead, you will see an all-white window.  Close the application this first time and subsequent uses will work properly.  You can find the icon for Play, Look and Listen in your Downloads folder and can copy it to your Applications folder and/or keep it in your dock for quick access.

Your reviews and ratings in the iTunes App Store, Chrome Web Store and Android Market are highly appreciated.

If you encounter any issues or have any feature requests, please send us email at