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Play, Look and Listen v2.0 for Android Released!

posted Nov 4, 2010, 8:33 PM by Paul Barnett   [ updated Nov 4, 2010, 9:35 PM ]
It's only been a few weeks since we released version 1.0 and now version 2.0 is here and available right now in the Android Market.  This is a major update with a lot of new cool features, like

  • Downloads.  You can now choose to download your podcasts to your device in addition to streaming them.  This feature goes beyond just simple downloading, though:
    • You can download individual episodes or an entire series.
    • You can configure Play, Look and Listen to automatically download new episodes of your favorite podcasts.
    • You can add items to your download queue on your device in Play, Look and Listen or via the Google Reader web interface -- no additional software required.
    • By default, downloads will only occur when there is an active WiFi connection, but you can choose to download over any connection.
    • An on-screen indicator will light up green if the episode you are considering playing is downloaded.
    • Downloads will automatically pause while streaming a podcast episode over your data connection and automatically resume when playback stops.

  • Custom Playlist.  You can build a custom playlist that mixes episodes from any of your podcast subscriptions.  
    • The playlist is stored in Google Reader so it roams with you. 
    • You can enjoy part of your playlist on your Android device and pick up where you left off on your iPhone/iPod Touch or iPad.  
    • Episodes that you already watched or listened to will not download again to your iPhone/iPod/iPad by default.
    • You can add new episodes to your playlist either directly on your device or through the Google Reader web interface

  • Improved and Expanded User Interface
    • New long-press context menus let you manage downloads and your playlist without going into the playback screen.
    • Additional menu options let you perform batch operations like adding all of the episodes in the current view to your playlist.
    • New landscape view for audio podcast playback lets you see more information about the episode.
    • Screens that show individual episodes or lists of episodes also indicate whether or not each episode is already downloaded to your device.
    • Configuration options are available right where you need them -- on the items they affect.  For example, long-press on the Download Queue to configure whether or not Play, Look and Listen should download episodes when there is no WiFi connection.  No need to sort through a long list of settings on a separate screen.

  • Additional Media Format Support.  Some podcasts provide the same episode in multiple formats.  Some devices don't support the default episode format, so now you can switch to a different format for an episode, right from the playback screen.  Just press the Menu button and select "Media Format" and choose the file/format you want to play for that episode.