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Play, Look and Listen v3.0 for iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad Released!

posted Dec 8, 2010, 11:05 AM by Paul Barnett
Version 3.0 of Play, Look and Listen for iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad is now available in the iTunes Store.  This version addresses several issues from version 2 and adds several significant features including:

  • Full in-app subscription management.  Find and subscribe to podcasts from within the app.  You can still use the Google Reader web interface to manage your subscriptions if you like but there is no need to anymore.  Just click the 'organize' button at the bottom center of the subscription list and choose "Find Podcasts."  If you know the exact address of a specific podcast, you can choose "Add a New Subscription" instead.  If you no longer want to be subscribed to a podcast, select "Unsubscribe" from the 'organize' button at the bottom center of the episode list for that podcast.
  • Facebook integration.  You can now optionally automatically share what you're listening to/watching in Play, Look and Listen with your Facebook friends.  Just choose "Enable Facebook" from the 'organize' menu at the bottom center of the subscription list and login.  You only need to do this once - it will continue to work even after exiting and restarting the application until you choose "Disable Facebook" from the menu.
  • Roaming bookmarks.  Do you use multiple devices - perhaps an Android phone and an iPad or an iPhone and an iPad?  If you play only part of an episode on one of your devices and hit the pause button, Play, Look and Listen will store a small bookmark in your Google Reader account.  When you start Play, Look and Listen on your other device, you can resume playback of that episode exactly where you left off.
  • Playback improvements.  You can now skip forward 15 seconds or back 7 seconds using the skip/replay buttons in the lower right of the playback screen.  Don't worry, you can still drag the playback meter to any position to jump around, but now you have an additional option for moving around.
As always, we value your feedback.  Let us know how you like Play, Look and Listen and if you'd like to see anything changed or improved by sending us an email at