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  • Play, Look and Listen 5.0 (without Google Reader) Now Available
    Play, Look and Listen 5.0 is now available for all platforms:  iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad), Windows Phone 7.1/8.0, Windows 8 and Android.  This release removes support for the now-defunct Google Reader and offers you two new options:  You can use the application on a single device without any account or syncing, or you can use a Dropbox account and have your subscriptions and bookmarks roam with you across all of your devices.  We are actively investigating adding other storage services in future updates.

    This release also opens up a number of new possibilities for additional features so please stay tuned and don't hesitate to contact us with your feature requests by using the "Contact Support" option from within the application.
    Posted Jul 11, 2013, 8:23 AM by Paul Barnett
  • An Update on Google Reader Support in Play, Look and Listen
    We have an important update coming to Play, Look and Listen that will remove Google Reader support and offer you two new options.  You will be able to use the application without signing into any account or you will be able to sign in to a Dropbox account and have your podcast subscriptions and bookmarks roam with you across all of your devices.  This update is currently in the approval process for Windows Phone, Windows 8 and iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users.  We are hopeful that we will receive approval prior to the July 1st shutdown of Google Reader.  If we do not receive approval in time, you will still not lose your podcast subscriptions provided that you do not uninstall the current version of the application from your device(s).

    Here's what to expect:  When the Play, Look and Listen update is available for your device, please install it as soon as possible.  Do not remove the current version of the application.  The first time you launch the application after the update, you will be asked if you want to continue using the same list of subscriptions that you had in Google Reader.  If you answer "Yes", your subscription list will be upgraded.  The upgrade process may take several minutes as it will need to sync each feed on your list.  When the upgrade process is complete, all of your subscriptions will be displayed.  Note that bookmarks you had will not be preserved but new bookmarks that you create going forward will be preserved.  Also note that episodes that you might have already listened to or watched may re-appear in your list.  This is a one-time reset of this information.

    While the upgrade is in progress, you will also be asked to either sign into a Dropbox account or choose to use the application without syncing across devices.  You can create a free Dropbox account at http://www.dropbox.com.  You can change your mind later by going into the settings for Play, Look and Listen and changing the "Sync Service" setting.

    We realize that some of you might want to sync across devices but not use Dropbox.  We are investigating adding additional sync services.

    What about Android?

    We are feverishly working on completing an all-new implementation of our Android version.  We hope to have it ready before Google Reader shuts down.  The new Android version will initially look somewhat like the current version but is almost completely new underneath.  This new version will allow us to more rapidly add new features, address issues and keep the feature set on par with our other platforms.

    Posted Jun 27, 2013, 9:21 AM by Paul Barnett
  • Introducing Play, Look and Listen 4.5 with an All-New Look Plus An Update on Google Reader Support
    Google Reader might be going away, but Play, Look and Listen is not.  In fact, it will be better than ever.  

    New version 4.5 brings and all-new interface with exciting new features:
    • The new "Now Playing" panel is accessible from any screen in the application.  From here you can control playback, volume, AirPlay, playback speed and jump back to the detail screen for the episode.
    • Better AirPlay support.  You can now manage AirPlay from within the app.
    • Support for playing video using AirPlay while still managing your podcasts.
    • Change the look-and-feel of the application to fit your mood.  Current themes include a variety of colors as well as inverse/high-contrast and 'classic' black-and-gray.
    • All new icons and startup screen.
    • Smoother application launch including going directly to your subscription list if you're already authenticated.
    • A new simplified status indicator in the upper right corner of the subscription list shows when downloads are active, paused or waiting for WiFi or if all downloads are completed.
    • New pull-down-to-refresh your subscription list.
    • When looking at episode lists that contain episodes from multiple podcasts, the icon for the podcast is displayed next to the name.
    • New layout for the 'episode detail' screen includes support for extra-long episode titles, including the ability to scroll extra-extra long titles, a new giant "play" button that starts or resumes playback, a new summary that shows if the episode is downloaded or streaming as well as the percentage complete and time remaining along with a new button for viewing episode notes and links provided as part of the feed in a full-screen browser window.
    • If you don't want to always play videos full screen but want to play multiple episodes full-screen, playback will remember the last mode independent of your app setting (iPad only).
    • Set the volume and playback rate for video and audio podcasts independently and we'll remember them for new sessions.
    • New setting to let you choose your sync service.  Currently, only Google Reader is displayed but additional services will be enabled before Google Reader shuts down.
    Version 4.5 will be available very soon for those who have purchased the app on iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad Mini.  

    Users of the free version will have to wait a bit longer.  For users of the free version, some features may require an additional in-app purchase.  Additional versions for other platforms are coming soon.

    Posted Apr 1, 2013, 8:46 PM by Paul Barnett
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