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Play, Look and Listen

Podcasts for everywhere.  Podcasts for everyone.

Play, Look and Listen is a multiplatform podcast player built on Google Reader.

- Have episodes of your podcasts (audio or video) download or stream to your device.

- Create a playlist on your mobile device, on your desktop or in any web browser.  Watch part of your playlist or part of any episodes on one device and finish them on another device without needing to remember where you left off.

- Download individual episodes, entire subscriptions or new episodes for your favorite podcasts, manually or automatically.

- Subscriptions, downloads, bookmarks and your custom playlist roam with you to multiple devices and platforms via Google Reader.

- Play, Look and Listen is available for Android, iPhone/iPod Touch, iPad, Mac OS X, Windows, Windows Phone 7, Boxee, Chrome OS and any web browser.  The interface is optimized for each device.  All versions are compatible with the others, meaning if you add a subscription on one device or play part of an episode on one device, that will be reflected on your other device(s).

Getting Started

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Google Chrome/Chome OS


iPhone and iPod Touch

Windows Phone 7